Dark Souls 4 Release date, Price, Trailer, and Features

Everything About Upcoming Dark Souls 4 GameWhile the momma’s boys take their girlfriends for horror movies the real men take them for playing bloodcurdling console games like Dark Souls. Dark Souls series is synonymous with horror and conquering the paranormal world. The spooky backdrops and shady caricatures make one get goose bumps worse than while watching any horror movie. And conquering it makes you feel like the undefeatable ruler of both worlds. Dark Souls 3 had been a grand success and that has made fans question about Dark Souls 4 release date.

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No, it’s no infamy if you are new to gaming and want to know what your friends keep bragging about with the name “Dark Souls 4”. After reading this scoop on everything about Dark Souls IV you will be way ahead than them.

What is Dark Souls 4?

Dark Souls 4 is the next expected game in the series of Dark Souls games that were first launched in 2011. Souls a video games series had Demon’s Souls as the first game and then they got a new name in 2011 and Darks Souls was launched. This was followed by Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III and they were all designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki except Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls IV is expected to be the future addition in the chronology of Souls games.

Here we have got you 10 predictions close to real facts about Dark Soul 4:

Dark Souls 4, DarkSouls 4 release date, price, specifications, features

 1. Dark Souls 4 Characters and Weapons

Dark Souls 3 had a more inclination towards the backdrop and setting and focused less on characters. The weapons were certainly the most unique and each required a specific skill and had to be mastered by focusing hard. The weapons were not supernatural powers and instead superhuman attributes. Dark Souls 4 will have to get an out of blue setting to improvise on the weapons. A hero protagonist is not possible because that ruins the theme line of a paranormal game series. So the ambiguity of the protagonist’s persona is actually a pro for Dark Souls game and is not expected to be altered.

2. Dark Souls 4 Trailer

DarkSouls4 Trailer is still very far off from even showing a blurred sneak peak. Until an official announcement is made we shouldn’t be speaking anything on this. But gamers break rules and anything that comes along between their muse and them. We have done all the homework and calculated expected date of release of Dark Souls IV Trailer which might be somewhere in 2018 to 2019. The Dark Souls 4 Trailer will definitely showcase everything other than how the Dark Souls 4 game feels while playing. A vague idea will be drawn out and we will update you about the Dark Souls 4 specs as we manage to get something from our sources.

3. Dark Souls 4 Story setting

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, the addition Artorias of the Abyss, Dark Souls II Crown of the Ivory King DLC and I’m sure you’ve named all of the other versions have been spooky tales and self-narratives. The story is the lifeline of a game and so Dark Souls 4 should have an unheard story as the setting. This even has been a recommendation to the rival games and so we will definitely get a startling story setting for Dark Souls IV. The story of Dark Souls IV will be the rudder for the other changes of graphics and characters and weapons of Dark Souls 4.

4. Dark Souls 4 Images and Graphics

Dark Souls 3 had the spookiest yet interesting visuals and every single corner had a plethora of mystical revelations to offer. The Kingdom of Lothric with dungeons, catacombs, poison marshes, illusion walls, Road of Sacrifices, Tower of Latria and Grand Archives had so many intricate details and bizarre figures. The rotting cadavers and natural forces all created an atypical image. After witnessing that Dark Souls 4 is expected to go beyond the skies to live up to gamers’ expectations. We envisage that Dark Souls IV will have graphics from an entirely different setting and won’t be something like we’ve ever seen before. This is because the graphics of Dark Souls 3 did blur and drop during the course of the game.

5. Dark Souls 4 Release Date

Though if we swear by God’s then we cannot utter anything about the release date of Dark Souls IV Release Date. But for your adrenaline, we will take any risk. After looking at the pattern and manner of releases of earlier games of the series such as Dark Souls II that released on 11 March 2014 and the last being Dark Souls III which released on March 24, 2016, in Japan we can foresee. March seems the favorite month of FromSoftware and maybe that’s why they might release the next in line Dark Souls 4 in the year 2018 – 2019. However, another theory leads us to the conclusion that the release will not be before 2020. This is because the gaming console are being revolutionized and a whole new world is emerging called the cloud gaming. If the device is going to transform so has to the game. Hence Dark Souls IV release date can be anywhere from 2018- 2020.

6. Dark Souls 4 Price

The previous sibling Dark Souls 3 was priced 29.99 $ and yet did flood the markets and got peaks of profit. Thereby we don’t expect that DarkSouls4 would be any exception pocket buster game and will also be economically priced around 30 $. So the DarkSouls4 Price won’t be a matter of regret even if the game fails to impress the buyers. However, if there are any sudden changes to the very fundamental gaming design then the Dark Souls 4 price might come up to 40 $. Dark Souls 4 will also reduce in cost as it spends some time in the market like any other RPGs. You might even get further additions to Dark Souls_4 which will be additional and might cost less. Online shopping websites will give discounts and you need to know the best price of Dark Souls 4 game.

7. Dark Souls 4 Difficulty Level

A game is difficult at the beginning and then becomes boring when it is easy to be tackled. This is the basic reason why a new game is so desirable. Hence do not expect Dark Souls4 to have any mellowed difficulty level. Pump up yourself to see the most challenging RPG in the series of Dark Souls. Another issue about the difficulty of an RPG is not the level of the game and in fact the loopholes of the game. You suddenly lose control over a weapon and the computer gets an unfair advantage. These are tech flaws and will not be a part of Dark Souls 4 Difficulty Level.

8. Dark Souls 4 Rumors

Sadly the baffling world is running short of controversial topics and gossip so they crop up to gaming and spread rumors. The good part being that the DarkSouls 4 leaks also vanish into the air under the label of Dark Souls 4 rumor, saves the suspense! The biggest Dark Souls IV Rumor was that there will be no Dark Souls4 game to add on to the unique gaming series. However, it is baseless like an egg and us gamers refuse to believe this even at gunpoint. There may be the case where the setting or theme shifts or a slight change in the title of upcoming Dark Souls but a total banishment isn’t going to happen.

9. Dark Souls 4 User Interface

The biggest problem with Dark Souls 3 was the loss of control and haywire movement of things during playing. This was a major turn off for gaming experts who were brutal at their blunt criticism of Dark Souls 3 for it. FromSoftware won’t take that lightly and will surely work for improvising the Dark Souls 4 User Interface. Also, the gaming will be made easier in the pre-game stage like no more searching and changing settings. The user interface of Dark Souls4 will definitely be the cherry on the cake after the major flop show of Dark Souls 3 in this aspect.

10. Dark Souls 4 Features, Audio effects, and new additions

Some of us don’t know this but a horror movie has its ability to scare you in its audio effects. Even during gaming, this fact applies and it is the audio and projections that make you forget the real world. So, Dark Souls IV will have the best of unheard audio effects and this will take you to a different scary world. One could not know the Dark Souls 3 gaming statistics of losses and wins during playing. Hopefully, upcoming version will have a simultaneous display of the game’s current stage.

Dark Souls 4 Character list 2017

dark souls 4, dark souls 4 characters

Although there is no official trailer for this game is available till now. Meanwhile below we have a review video of DarkSouls 3:

We have a wish list for the new DarkSouls4 Game and expect it to come after all troubleshooting of Dark Souls III. FromSoftware won’t dishearten its loyal fans and will certainly release official Dark Souls4 specs, release dates and other details. And don’t trust anyone who tells you that Dark Souls is obsolete series! We will keep you updated.

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